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Aguettant has always worked to improve drug administration safety, what was achieved :

In 1916: first patent obtained for the swab-ampoule used to clean war wounds and prevent the risk of infection,

in 2004: launch of the first prefilled glass syringe on the french market,

in 2007: launch of the first polypropylene prefilled syringe, sterile, ready-to-use, covered  by two international patents (sterility of rubber stopper and opening system).

Once more, this innovative medical device has been awarded Pharmapack price 2010, category « Security of use ».

Through innovation, AGUETTANT’s aims are to:

  • Secure and simplify drug reconstitution, and thus decrease medication error risks
  • Decrease Healthcare-associated infection risks
  • Prevent the risk of exposure to blood and accident for the medical staff
  • Reduce drugs and supplies waste,
  • Provide to the medical staff more valuable time to attend to their patients’ needs while spending less time in drug preparation


European Board of Anaesthesiology Recommendation :

Prefilled syringes should be used wherever possible (1)


AGUETTANT has taken up the challenge to develop and make available to hospitals : sterile polypropylene needle-free pre-filled syringes for anesthesia, critical care and emergency drugs.


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