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Aguettant pre-filled syringes appear to have some advantages over conventional systems (drug or glass ampoules) for parenteral drug delivery.

As it is provided in a single and ready-to-use sterile package, Aguettant pre-filled syringe may reduce the number of operations needed for an injection and the associated risks for both patients and Healthcare Workers (2).


Risk of medication errors: 17 times greater when injectables are prepared by hand (5)

41 steps involved in preparing and administering a single drug bolus (3)


For instance, in anaesthesia, certain ranges of medicine such as neuromuscular agents or vasopressors are prepared in a syringe that is set aside and ready to use in case it is needed urgently. Though this practice may save time in a stressful emergency situation, it also increases the risk of medication administration errors, risk of infections, and a very significant wastage resulting in considerable costs to hospitals (3).


The survival of a patient may depend on the length of time required to prepare and administer an intravenous drug (3)


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