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Key benefits of using a pre-filled syringe instead of drawing up syringe from glass ampoules.

Safety of injectable medicine is not only a concern for the patients but also for healthcare professionals.

Aguettant pre-filled syringes help reducing the risk of medication errors in the drug preparation process (4)


  • Decreased time period between acute episode and drug administration
  • Reduce the risk of healthcare associated contamination:
    • Less preparation steps prior to administration > less risk of microbial contamination (2, 9),
    • No risk of glass particles as found in self drawn syringe from glass ampoule (10, 11)
      • The infusion of glass microparticles may result in pulmonary silicosis and nodular fibrosis of the liver, spleen and small bowel (animal studies) (11)
  • Sterility guaranteed until the drug is injected to the patient

Healthcare Professionals

  • No glass cuts and needle-stick injuries
    • more than 2 million needlestick injuries per year (11)
    • 26% of anaesthesiologists reported scars on their hands from opening glass ampoules (11)
  • Reduction of the risk of work-related accidents:
    • Skin lesions can represent a high infection risk as they may be gateways for bacteria and viruses, such as hepatitis B and C or HIV infections (10, 11)
  • No need to prepare emergency drugs in advance allowing more time for direct patient care (17)
    • Pre-filled syringe reduces syringe preparation time at least by 50% (12,13)


EU Council directive 2010/32/EU: (should be implemented since May 2013)

All necessary efforts should be made to prevent injuries and infection by avoiding the use of sharps and by ensuring the use of needle free equipment whenever it is possible.


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