Medication error
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Medication error

Studies clearly highlight potential and actual harm associated with injectable drug administration errors.

In anaesthesia

  • The incidence of medication errors (ME) in the administration of drugs injected by I.V. bolus is estimated 1 in 200 anesthetics (5, 6)
  • 1 in 20 perioperative medication administrations included a ME and/or adverse drug event (ADE):
    • 1/3 of the ME led to observed ADE
    • 2/3 had the potential for harm (7)

The more steps are included in the drug preparation process, the more likelihood errors would occur (2, 3, 4) :

  • Error of selection
  • Error of dilution
  • Error/lack of identification/labelling


Requiring someone to undertake a task that requires precision in a stressful situation is bound to lead to errors and delay (4)


Guideline from EMA (18)

Good practice guide on risk minimisation and prevention of medication errors

“Medicines for acute use in emergency situations should be presented in a ready-to-use format without the need for measuring of doses and solutions”



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